What is Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy/Deep Tissue Work?

 Deep tissue work aims to locate and resolve trigger points.

Up to 75% of our daily aches and pains may be contributed by latent trigger points.  Acculmulations of stress, trauma and toxins all cause and influence our ablility to live a pain free life.  A 15/15 Deep Tissue Massage can help to resolve many pain conditions, degenerative diseases, and chronic or acute trauma.  


What is a Trigger Point?

A trigger point is a very low-energy system, which causes the muscle fibers to remain contracted where the nerve connects to the muscle.  Trigger points result from frequent, stress or strain of a muscle, resulting in a viscous cycle of taut muscle that is often sore and inflamed.  During the massage, our job is to locate the point and to  within your pain tolerance, firmly compress it.  This type of deep tissue work encourages the muscle to regain much needed oxygen and nutrients, allowing it to restore to a state of normal function.  This in turn will improve its movement, reduce pain, inflammation and decrease the risk of re-injury. 

 How can Massage Therapy help me? 

The Massage Therapy services that we offer, Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy, is much different that what you may have experienced when being treated by other massage therapists.  We offer a treatment that will save you time and money by offering you flexibility when scheduling and discount packages that will be easy on your finances.

The 15/15 massage will be your newest best friend for managing and even eliminating stress and pain!

You will receive 15 minutes of moist heat then, 15 minutes of trigger point therapy for $25.  We offer discounts on package deals.  These massages are quick and inexpensive while being very productive.  Because the sessions are spread out over time, it allows for the body to heal between sessions and also allows the therapist to assess as your needs as they may change.

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Avoid drugs and/or surgery...we can help!  


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Nora Boedecker

Blue Sky School of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork graduate March 2006